Paediatric Chiropractic Care | Newborns, Toddlers & Children

Chiropractic for Kids

Adjustments for babies and children are tailored especially for their developing bodies. Often, when adjusting a baby, a gentle fingertip pressure is all that is used. It is the same light pressure you would use to touch you eyeball through a closed eyelid. Occasionally chiropractors may also use the Activator, an instrument used to align the spine, which can be set to a very low and more delicate setting for our youngest patients. 


Your chiropactor will also perform relevant tests to gauge your child’s development and assess for any areas that may need some attention.


Even when labour and birth go well, it can still be quite  as stressful process for a baby. Having them checked early on may help with their future growth and development. As children grow, learn to crawl, walk, fall down, and start developing skills like coordination, chiropractic can help ensure they’re up to the task! The principles of chiropractic are the same, regardless of age- to ensure proper function of the spine and nervous system.

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