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At Balanced Life Health Care, we practice using Balance Distal Acupuncture. This Acupuncture method is based around the ancient Chinese needle therapy practiced for over 1000 years and combined with the modern medical knowledge, we place emphasis on the function of the nervous and circulatory system in relation to Pain, Illness and Dysfunction. Acupuncture is a traditional approach, which is general considered safe, well tolerated, and well researched for helping manage a range of symptoms, it involves the insertion of fine needles into particular areas in the skin. It is thought that Acupuncture increases circulation, reduces inflammation and swelling, aids in the release of the bodies own natural pain killers and reduces stress.


Chiropractic focuses primarily on the bio-mechanics of the body. Looking at the relationship between structure, alignment and function. This unique relationship can generate adverse effects such as your pain and discomfort, but when performing correctly can lead to the preservation and restoration of health. At Balanced Life Health Care, our Chiropractors take a holistic approach to treatment, focusing not only on the spine, but alignment and dynamics of the the entire body as well as looking at any lifestyle improvements that can be adapted to further improve your quality of life. From neck & back pain, to pain & injury located anywhere on the body Chiropractic can help not just eliminate your pain, but get you feeling better than you have before.

Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Chinese Herbs along side Acupuncture is an integral part of Chinese Medicine. Herbal medicine is the traditional use of most plants, seeds and minerals for health ailments. Chinese herbal medicine is consider one of the oldest and long standing healthcare systems in the world. Herbal Medicine in fact has a textbook Huang Di-Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Cannon of Internal Medicine) dating back approximately to 300 BCE. Long held traditions are still used today including the use of Raw and Powdered herbs, as well as modern tinctures and pills at Balanced Life Health Care. Both our Acupuncturists are also qualified Chinese Herbalists, so if if you are afraid of needles and wanted to try a traditional approach to modern illness, why not try Chinese Herbal Medicine.