Chinese Herbal Medicine | Telehealth Consultations

In light of recent events, Balanced Life Health Care has added telehealth as an option to support your health from the comfort of your own home, while you are practising social distancing. Post lockdown we have elected to keep telehealth so that you can be located anywhere in Australia, including regional areas, and  access our care.

Why Chinese Herbal Medicine?


Imagine from the comfort of your home, getting a customised formula just for your specific needs. Each ingredient is chosen carefully, taking into consideration its function, dosage, interactions with other ingredients and the overall effect it should have on your body. You can choose to get herbs for a specific health condition, for strengthening your immunity, relieving cold and flu symptoms, or even just for general well-being. You should experience little to no side effects. You may feel less pain, less discomfort, stronger, more energised, uplifted, brighter and lighter from your herbal blend.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a remote consultation done via video call. You can access our practitioner’s knowledge and skills from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are located. We can provide support for your health conditions with

  • Chinese herbal Medicine / Herbs
  • Supplements
  • Diet & Lifestyle advice
How to book a Telehealth Consultation?

You can book through our Online Bookings Portal or call us (03) 87197373

How does it work?

Your telehealth session will run exactly the same as our normal Chinese Herbal Medicine Appointments;


  1. You’ll be asked a series of questions related to your health and the ultimate health goal you want to achieve.
  2. You’ll be assessed with various diagnostics used in Chinese Medicine and functional medicine.


After your session you will recieve an email from your practitioner, which will detail the recommendations including;

  • Prescribed Herbs
  • Prescribed Supplements
  • Diet & Lifestyle advice

Our practitioners work as quickly as possible to complete your plan. However, it can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to 7 days to recieve this email.


If you have been prescribed herbs or supplements; Once you have agreed to these recommendations the practitioner will send you a second invoice. This invoice will have an additional charges for herbs or supplements.

Click & Collection OR Postage

Any prescribed herbs or supplements that cannot be purchased through local health food stores or pharmacies, can be either collected from clinic or posted to your chosen address.



Postage is through Australia post and is sent as soon as payment is made.



Once your herbs and / or supplements are ready for collection you will be sent a text message confirmation.


How to access your Telehealth Secure Video Call?

After booking you will recieve a Confirmation email from our clinic. Inisde this email will be 2 important links; your initial consultation forms to be filled out online and your telehealth link.


You will also recieve an Reminder email 1 day prior to your appointment which will also contain these links.


If you did not recieve a Confirmation email? 

If you did not see this in your inbox please check your junk mail.

If using hotmail please ensure that focused email is switched off OR search BLHC / balanced life health care


Still not finding our email?

Please email us on [email protected]

How much does it cost?

Our telehealth fees are the same as our in clinic Chinese herbal Medicine Appointments.


Initial Consultations

Chinese Herbal initial : $100

Return Consultations:

40 minute extended return : $65

20 minute return : $30

Herbal Formulae

Granule herbal formula : $0.70 / 1g (about $25 per week)

Raw herbal formula: calculated by price per individual herb & dosage (about $15-30 per week)

Supplements; individually priced


Postage ​

Australia post RRP; Weight dependant