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Specialised Myotherapy Treatment Focused on Sports Injury & Prevention


Myofascial release for professional athletes who endure a weekly rigorous training load, to their hard hitting games or long and exhausting events can provide the same benefit to those who have just started out in their local sports club or who have decided to take up a weekend hobby of cycling or running.


Used for both preventative and restorative measures and depending on pre- or post- event, your therapist will generally provide techniques to stimulate blood flow as well as including methods such as PNF’s, MET’s, myofascial cupping and dry needling to free up any tension while also altering their pressure to impact the complex structures that might be inhibiting specific movements and ultimately hindering your overall performance.

As this type of treatment emphasises and focus’ on the prevention and healing of injuries within the musculoskeletal body, it is typically specific to your chosen sport or activity.

A Sports treatment may offer the following benefits:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Decrease muscle stiffness
  • Increased muscle performance and flexibility
  • Psychological benefits, such as improving mood and mental performance
  • Improved sleep post event



Typically, with a pre event sports massage, it can be provided all the way up to the day of the big event. A deeper treatment can be provided 4-5 days prior to the event, with a focus to the extensive structures and prepping the body for physical activity.
Usually treatment either the day before or on the day is traditionally a light flush to the muscles, incorporating stretching techniques and can be considered as a warm up.

Post Event:

Post even treatment is a deeper more extensive treatment method, with added techniques such as myofascial cupping, myofascial dry needling and MET’s and is typically applied a day or two after the event, allowing the body a rest period in between. This type of treatment is the focus on the complex structures of the body, and analysing restricted range of motion, that might have hindered your sporting ability and performance.


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