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Welcome to Ferntree Gully Remedial Massage & Myotherapy, where we provide tailored and personalised treatment adapted to suit each individual.


Remedial Massage & Myotherapy


Myotherapy is a broad range of different soft tissue techniques. Treatment consists of a selection of these Techniques which may include: Soft Tissue & Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy & Active Release as well as Muscle Stretching, Neuromusculoskeletal alignment and a range of rehabilitative exercises. 


Remedial Massage on the other hand  is a range of massage techniques exclusively. Treatment consists of a a Variety of Massage Techniques only, performed solely by hand to eliminate muscular tension and aid relaxation. It is important to note, that Remedial Massage Therapists are Qualified, Trained & Registered Practitioners, which distinguishes “Remedial” Massage from Thai Massage or Massage offered at Parlours or Shopping Centres whereby little or no training is undertaken.


Our Therapist are trained to assess and examine the patient to indicate where, how and what soft tissue structure to treat. Proficient in a range of Myotherapy & Remedial Massage techniques, our Therapist treatment methods are specifically tailored to the individual patient and their needs. 


Remedial Massage & Myotherapy can also have added benefit such as maintaining results for longer periods of time when used in conjunction with other modalities such as Chiropractic & Acupuncture – both offered at Balanced Life Health Care.


Remedial Massage & Myotherapy are also commonly used amount active person’s and athlete’s to maximise recovery after training and exercise sessions. Deep Tissue Massage also known as Myofascial Therapy is commonly used to treat those with muscle pain and soreness following activity or during training. This technique improves the rate at which a person physically recovers to start moving and training optimally.


Ferntree Gully Soft Tissue Therapists


Mr Karl Freeman

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage / Sports Massage

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Mrs Elismarie Barnes

Remedial Massage / Pregnancy Massage

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Ms Caitlyn Millett

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage / Sports Massage

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Can Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Help Me?


At Ferntree Remedial Massage & Myotherapy we successfully treat Muscular problems located anywhere in the body:


Middle & Lower Back

Neck & Shoulders

Legs, Hips & Lower Body

Arms & Upper Body

Other Commonly Treated Conditions


You may also be unaware that numerous conditions are actually due to having a predominantly underlying Muscular component, which Myotherapy & Remedial Massage has been shown to help with significantly. At Ferntree Gully Myotherapy & Remedial Massage we can help with: 


Headache & Migraine

Sciatic, Nerve & Inflammatory Pains


For women, if you’re preparing for pregnancy or perhaps even trying to get pregnant, soft tissue treatment can help you. Importantly, it’s how you look after your body in the months prior to pregnancy that will benefit you most during the pregnancy. The increased stress placed on the body as the baby grows is significant, with numerous physical changes taking place. Experiencing some discomfort during this time can be hard to avoid, especially around the low back and pelvis regions. 


Myotherapy & Remedial Massage are completely safe for pregnant and expectant mothers. Offering a specialised “Pregnancy Remedial Massage” Treatment, we aim to make your pregnancy a happy and more comfortable experience, with gentle, safe and effective care, our treatment is adapted to suit you and your babies needs. (visit for more information about health care and pregnancy)




Although it is usually the experience of ‘pain’ that makes us think something is wrong and seek out help, it doesn’t mean our therapies can’t benefit you if you are pain-free. Experiencing pain and being healthy are two separate things. You can be experiencing no pain and still have underlying muscular issues that need correcting. Correcting these muscle imbalances and keeping your body correct will reduce the likelihood of not just future injury, but lead to other numerous other health improvements.


Wellness & Preventative Care


If you are unsure of whether Myotherapy ^ Remedial Massage can help you, feel free to contact us online, email or by phone. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer and questions you have!


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