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Myotherapy is able to treat a variety of muscular problems. Our evaluations and treatment programs are developed to alleviate pain, identify the problem creating your specific discomfort, crafting a customised treatment plan and assisting in preventing any recurrence. These are some commonly presenting conditions treated with Myotherapy.


Middle and Lower back pain

A great technique used to treat back pain by Myotherapist is myofascial release therapy and cupping. These techniques release the deep muscular tissues of the back that hold tension and cause back pain.


Headache and Migraine

A Myotherapist may perform trigger point therapy on the head and neck muscles that are tight and overactive. This has the effective of calming down headaches brought on by tension due to bad posture and work related activities.


Neck and shoulders

A combination of stretching and positional release therapy may be employed to help someone both dramatically decrease pain and improve mobility in these regions. Sports’ taping is a great tool which may be used to enable an active person to continue physical activity.


Legs, Hips & Lower Body

Treatment of this region would involve an overall assessment to pinpoint which area may need soft tissue or deep tissue work.


Iliotibial band (ITB) Syndrome

Myotherapy would involve muscle stripping through the ITB region and its attachment to the gluteal muscles. This would free up mobility in the hip and knee to promote healing and recovery.


Shin Splints

This lower leg condition is due to an inability for the font muscles of the leg to heal which leads to a build-up of scar tissue over time and reduced mobility. Deep tissue muscle stripping by a remedial therapist may enable a person to regain mobility of this area and encourage healing.


Arms & Upper Body

Repetitive movements and activity often stiffen up specific areas of the upper body and arms. A Myotherapist knows that these areas are not stiff by chance but are specific to a person’s daily and repetitive activity. Treatment would improve mobility through soft tissue release therapy.


Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) / Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)

Treatment would involve deep muscle stripping and stretching of associated stiffened musculature.


Hamstring Strain/Tear

This muscle group of the lower body is famous for its injury rate in sports such as football and cricket. Myotherapy can help to decrease the chance of this injury occurring as to provide deep tissue massage to improve mobility and promote healing.


Achilles Tendinitis/Tendonopathy

Being a tendon overuse injury, daily soft tissue treatment of this area of the body can accelerate recovery time of this injury. Exercises may also be prescribed to start loading the Achilles tendon thus stimulating the healing process.


Sciatic, Nerve & Inflammatory Pains

For those with sciatica, remedial therapy is a great option to decrease the nerve compression of soft tissue structures within the body. One such area commonly released is the piriformis muscle which when tight can compress the sciatic nerve causing nerve symptoms.


Pregnancy Related Aches & Pains

Pregnancy can but added stressed on numerous areas of the body. Most commonly the low back due to the added stress of carrying the load of the pregnancy. Myotherapy is completely safe for pregnant and expectant mothers. At Ferntree Gully Myotherapy we aim to make your pregnancy a happy and more comfortable experience. With gentle, safe and effective care, our treatment is adapted to suit you and your babies needs.


If you are unsure of whether Myotherapy can help you, feel free to contact us online, email or by phone and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer and questions you have!

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