Lauren’s asian style immune chicken soup

Immune boosting chicken soup

Lauren’s asian style immune chicken soup

Lauren’s Asian Style Chicken Soup

So the Spring winds are stirring in Melbourne and the occasional warm day causes us to breath a sigh of relief that maybe the cold winter is over. However this weather wreaks havoc on our immune system.

 Let food be thy medicine



1 litre of chicken stock (or even better chicken bone broth)

1 large knob of ginger grated or 4 teaspoons of grated ginger from the jar

2 garlic cloves

2 star-anise

4 chicken thighs without bones

1 tablespoon of Chinese 5 spice powder

1 chilli / or chilli to taste

¼ cup of oyster sauce (I omit as I haven’t found one without gluten or sugar)

¼ cup of soy / tamari (gluten free soy sauce)

2 cups of Chinese rice wine (found in Asian supermarkets but be wary of quality)

+/- You can choose to add finely diced vegetables such as carrots and celery

1 bunch or bok choy or green vegetables finely sliced

+ / – Noodles; Rice, soba or even vegetable spirals can be added

Spring onions or coriander to taste



Add all ingredients except bok choy (or green vegetables of choice) into the slow cooker or pressure cooker. Cook on high for 6-8hours or pressure cook for 30 -40 minutes. Once chicken is tender remove and shred chicken. At this point while still hot you can add green vegetables, noodles, spring onions and coriander. Serve. Easy as that to enjoy on your lunch break in front of your computer.

Lauren's Immune boosting Asian Chicken soup

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Lauren LanzoniLauren Surridge is the Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and owner of Balanced Life Health Care. Lauren has a bachelor of Chinese Medicine and specialises in Women’s health, gynaecology and infertility. She has a passion in educating women in the basic lifestyle changes that they can make at home to improve their health, hormonal balance and fertility. To find out more about Lauren click here  and to make an appointment to see Lauren at her clinic in Ferntree Gully click here