Fatigue – Don’t let a little sleepiness let you down

Fatigue - Don't let a little sleepiness let you down

Fatigue – Don’t let a little sleepiness let you down


Fatigue is one of the most common complaints we see in clinic. Almost everyone if asked would answer yes if asked if their energy could do with improvement.


Even in our daily lives we are all constantly complaining about how tired we are but remember life is about living and thriving, not just surviving the daily grind!


One of the most common trigger would you believe is your GUT HEALTH!


When a client comes into our clinic with fatigue my first thought is; how is their digestion, gut health and diet?


Even if you are eating the ‘right foods’ if you body isn’t able to breakdown and absorb these foods, you may not be getting all that you need from your nutrition.


First look at the actual way that the digestive system is functioning. In traditional Chinese Medicine is all about the way that organ systems are working within the body like an assembly line, everything needs to be finely timed in order for the end product to be great. Your digestive system is the same. With the high prevalence of gut pathologies in our society such as increasing food intolerances, dysbiosis, IBS and so on it isn’t a surprise that fatigue is a common complaint.


So what to do about it?


  • Eat better. Poor food is often the initiating factor of most gut pathologies. However there is so much conflicting information about the right type of food to eat but the most important thing is that you eat what suits you. I love the paleo diet combined with brown rice and some root vegetables however this is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Eliminate foods that your poorly digest. The common culprits are dairy and gluten. So if you feel bloated or have changes in bowels after eating these foods then definitely eliminate them for a few weeks to see if you feel better. Consider consulting a Nutritionalist to find out what food you should be eating.
  • Chinese herbal medicine is fantastic for treating most gut pathologies and freeing up energy
  • Reduce stress, it will free up energy for more important things in life
  • Regular exercise but keep it short. Listen to your body as it will tell you how much you need. So don’t feel guilty for hitting snooze when needed and cutting a workout short. As I discussed with one of my university students who suffers from fatigue – remember that you should feel invigorated by exercise not more tired.
  • Reduce coffee. I know, I know, you can hate me now but thank me later. Coffee in some cases affects sleep patterns. That rule of no caffeine after 3pm doesn’t work for all us, as every individual metabolizes caffeine differently. Some people can have an espresso at 10pm and sleep like a baby, one whiff for me after midday, and I’ll be lying in bed trying to count sheep all night!

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Lauren LanzoniLauren Surridge is the Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and owner of Balanced Life Health Care. Lauren has a bachelor of Chinese Medicine and specialises in Women’s health, gynaecology and infertility. She has a passion in educating women in the basic lifestyle changes that they can make at home to improve their health, hormonal balance and fertility. To find out more about Lauren click here  and to make an appointment to see Lauren at her clinic in Ferntree Gully click here