Could your bad feet be affecting your back?

Could your bad feet be affecting your back?

The connections within the human body mean that pain in one location doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the primary cause. One of the most obvious examples of that is that by treating the neck we can alleviate headaches. A lesser known example is the effect your feet can have on your hips and lower back. 

The most common reason people consult a chiropractor is for lower back pain. However just because it’s your lower back is aching doesn’t mean that it is the main cause. It could be your feet!

Your foot is actually quite complex. It is comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints and has 3 arches. Dysfunction in any of the afore mentioned areas can alter your gait (your pattern of walking), and this change can, if left untreated for a long time, cause pain in the knee, hip and lower back. 

A lesser known fact about your feet is that they actually send proprioceptive information to your brain, this allows your body to make necessary changes to keep you balanced as you move. Unfortunately, the time we spend wearing shoes and walking on harden surfaces has decreased this ability, which in turn has decreased the strength within the foot, which further effects coordination which is why we see a lot more falls in the elderly.


So how do we fix this?


The first step is to take a good look at your shoes. Are they comfortable to wear or do they ache after an hour or two? Do your feet ache at the end of the day? Ladies in particular, wearing heels all day everyday has been proven to cause irreversible changes to your feet that can trigger a multitude of issues as you age. Are your lower leg muscles tight? Do you feel as though you need to crack your feet for relief?

Let’s face it sometimes we have to wear shoes that we don’t want to at some point but it’s important that we look after our feet afterwards.

Easy ways to look after your feet is where possible wear insole that help to cushion or support your feet during the day. Amazingly they now have these for ladies’ heels as well, which I personally find lifesaving. 

Another inexpensive way to get some temporary way to get some relief is to freeze a plastic water bottle and roll the sole of your foot on it, a tin can also works. 

Massage and adjustments can also prove relief however this should be paired with a rehabilitation plan to strengthen the muscles of your feet and provide support regardless of what you are doing during the day. 

Although chiropractors pride themselves on being spinal specialists, we are trained to treat your bodies entire musculoskeletal system, all your muscles and bones. If you think your feet may be contributing to your lower back pain bring it up in your next consultation.