Can Acupuncture help with a clomid cycle?

Can Acupuncture help with a clomid cycle?

In the short YES (underlined and capitals). At Balanced Life Health Care and in my 10 years of practise I have seen many clients that are using assisted reproductive methods such as clomid.

So many of these clients have been using medications such as clomid to trigger ovulation but yet are still not falling pregnant. The combination of acupuncture and clomid is completely safe and I have seen that it can make the clomid more effective. Both Acupuncture and clomid work differently to promote the growth of a healthy endometrial lining and a healthy timely ovulation.


In fact research demonstrated that ‘the addition of acupuncture to clomiphene therapy increased pregnancy rates, lowered the resistance and pulsatility indices of the uterine arteries, and reduced the adverse effects caused by clomiphene.’ (1)


Other things to consider are that most couples experiencing fertility issues are often under high stress and Acupuncture has been shown to reduce stress levels and benefit overall health for both partners.


Typically while undergoing clomid cycles women come into the clinic twice weekly, so that the most benefit is seen. The Acupuncture points used are based around improving the thickness and oxygenation of the uterine lining for better implantation, at ovulation the acupuncture is aimed at relaxing the ovarian capsule, relaxing the mind and this is also a great time for your partner to come in for a session as well! After ovulation acupuncture is supporting progesterone production and implantation.


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