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At Balanced Life Health Care Ferntree Gully, we perform both modern and traditional Acupuncture, Distal Acupuncture, Dry Needling, and Motor Point Acupuncture. All our needling techniques are performed by qualified Acupuncturist’s.


Distal Acupuncture in Ferntree Gully


Distal or Balanced Acupuncture is needling means that the site of needle insertion is usually distant to the area in which the client is experiencing their symptoms. The reason we pursue this method is that often the symptoms are just the “branch” of the problem, whereas we prefer to get at the “root” of the problem, to promote deeper healing, and reduce the likelihood of the problem flaring up again later. Often the best way to get at this “root” is to make use of body’s channel or meridian system. This is a network of pathways throughout the body which can be manipulated to effect change in the individual’s physiology (including blood, nerves, cells, etc). We have found that a stronger effect can be gained by using distal parts of the problematic channel, or even by using other channels which have a “balancing” effect on the problem area.


Using these methods of distal acupuncture also means we can treat conditions where problems present internally or in sensitive areas, without clients having to fully disrobe or experience discomfort. The most commonly used areas for distal acupuncture are the legs (from knees to feet), the arms (from elbows to hands), and the head (generally the top and back).


There are three main modern strands of distal acupuncture: the Balance Method of Master Richard Tan, the school of Master Tung, and DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture). At Balanced Life Health Care, all of our practitioners are proficient in at least one of these styles, and have used them to treat a wide variety of common (and not-so-common) health conditions.


Distal Acupuncture Vs Local Acupuncture


Distal Acupuncture actually has some major benefits including that the pain reduction will usually start during or quickly after an Acupuncture session, not 2-3 days after which is so common in local needling styles. It also means that the Acupuncture will not flair up the injury or pain condition by increasing local inflammation by needling the site of pain. This makes it a fantastic method for Acute and Chronic pain.


Who can use Distal Acupuncture?


Your practitioner will guide you on the best treatment, be it Distal (Balance), Trigger points (Dry needling) or Motor Point Acupuncture. For example Motor Point Acupuncture is particularly good for athletes and gym enthusiasts, where are Distal is often better for chronic lower back pain.

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