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Tai Chi at Balanced Life Health Care

Want to try Tai Chi?


Our Acupuncturist Dr Simon Murray is also an experienced instructor, and is considering offering a regular class in Yang style Tai Chi at the nearby Tim Neville Arboretum, Friday mornings during December 2018.


While rooted in martial arts principles, Tai Chi is usually performed slowly and mindfully, with participants learning a few movements and postures at a time, then refining them through repetition. The benefits of regular practice include improvements in: calmness, balance, leg and core strength, memory, co-ordination, patience, circulation, respiration, reflexes, and mind-body integration.


Class time; Friday 7:30am

Location; The Tim Neville Arboretum, Ferntree Gully

Cost; $20 full, $15 concession


To sign up email Simon at;

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