What conditions can Naturopathy help with?


How Naturopathy can help you


Naturopathy is beneficial for people wanting to improve their health, wanting dietary support and advice, and for people with chronic health conditions. As it is a holistic approach to health, the conditions which can be improved through naturopathic treatment are vast. At Balanced Life Naturopathy, Emily Robertson provides thorough, compassionate and professional care for people suffering from a range of illnesses.


Treated conditions include:


  • Women’s hormonal health: pregnancy, fertility, PMS, libido support, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), menopause, ovarian and breast cancer.
  • Men’s hormonal health: fertility, prostate health, prostate cancer and libido support.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Skin conditions: acne, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Digestive issues: IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating or cramping.
  • Food intolerances and allergies: including coeliac disease and FODMAP intolerance.
  • Autoimmune diseases: including multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease or Sjogren’s syndrome.
  • Autism, ADHD and behavioural issues.
  • Children’s health: immune function, developmental support and sports nutrition.
  • Cardiovascular health: High blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
  • Fatty liver and metabolic syndrome.
  • Diabetes and blood sugar regulation.
  • Weight loss support.
  • Osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Musculoskeletal injury and osteoarthritis.
  • Healthy ageing, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


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