Naturopathy - Weight Loss


Weight Loss


Did you know that almost 2 out of 3 Australians are overweight or obese (according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)? That is a shocking statistic – especially when you consider that being overweight or obese dramatically increases your risk of developing many chronic health issues. These include:

• Hypertension (high blood pressure),
• Cardiovascular disease,
• Type 2 diabetes,
• Fatty liver disease,
• Metabolic syndrome,
• Joint and Musculoskeletal pain and injury,
• Hormonal imbalances including infertility (both male and female), erectile dysfunction and impotence,
• Insomnia and/or,
• Depression and Anxiety.

Emily believes that weight is a serious issue, but she doesn’t look at it from an aesthetic perspective – although this is generally what people think about first when it comes to weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight is so much more than feeling happy in your clothes (although that is definitely a plus!).

As a result, Emily works with clients to understand the factors behind their weight issues and she has found that, at the core of the matter, there are almost always emotional issues at play.


Emily’s treatment includes:


• Supporting nervous system function,
• Managing mood to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety,
• Behavioural therapy to understand the ‘why’ behind the weight,
• Understanding and modifying coping mechanisms to deal with stress and also,
• Building self-confidence and self-esteem with an inside-out approach; finding self-love and acceptance irrespective of weight.

Alongside this treatment, Emily will also work with her client to formulate a dietary plan. Since sustained weight loss needs commitment, the plan will be exciting, delicious and satisfying, without any feelings of deprivation or restriction. So we work together to develop a positive relationship with food, and use food as medicine to nurture body and mind.

Together, we can achieve excellent results without fad diets or meal replacement shakes, and it can be sustainable and highly rewarding!