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Skin Health – Acne and Eczema


Emily Robertson specialises in treating people with skin conditions, particularly those with acne and eczema. Emily suffered from eczema and then severe acne for many years – so she knows what you’re going through! In fact, it was a major factor that lead Emily to find naturopathy. Because of her experience, Emily is passionate about helping others overcome their skin conditions.

After much research and personal experimentation, Emily has been able to clear her skin and restore it to what is naturally intended for all of us – clear, healthy skin. This is something we all can achieve, and we don’t have to use harsh medications to do so.

The truth about skin conditions is that acne and eczema are really only symptoms of underlying imbalances in the body.


Basically, they’re a smack in the face that things aren’t working right inside, and the body’s not-so-subtle way of alerting us. So please, don’t hate your skin (which can be so easy to do, especially with acne). Instead, thank your body for alerting you to the fact that you need to work on your health- not everybody gets these warnings.




From her personal and clinical experience, these are the main factors that drive acne:

  • Improper diet: excessive sugar intake and food intolerances are the main culprits.
  • Hormonal imbalances: PCOS, insulin resistance, and blood sugar dysregulation can wreak havoc on your skin.
  • Stress: Not to be underestimated, stress plays a part in every disease state, and particularly effects hormonal balance.
  • Gut health and nutritional deficiencies: these often go hand in hand and have a major effect on the health of your skin.

All of these factors influence each other, which is why acne can be so complex to treat. But this is why she love treating skin conditions – once you understand the causes, you are given a deeper insight into your health than ever before.

In practice, Emily uses the following tools (when appropriate) to treat acne:




While it can be treated similarly to acne, the causes of eczema differ slightly. The focus is more upon dietary factors, such as food intolerances, gut health and stress, and less on hormonal imbalances (although it is different for each person). Environmental irritants and allergies can also play a big role, and again, it’s about working out what your particular triggers are.

Impaired gut health and food intolerance often cause eczema – particularly in children.