Naturopathy - Common questions answered


Frequently Asked Questions


Naturopathy is quite a broad term, often leading  people to feel unsure about what it actually is. Whilst you can find out information here, this page is dedicated to answering common questions that I receive about Naturopathy. If you’re still unsure about anything, feel free to send through an email with your questions 🙂


How long does the process take?


All naturopathic treatment includes taking thorough case histories to establish the best course of treatment for each and every client. In many cases, conditions have existed for many years and, consequently, finding balance in your body may take time. The treatment time frame will be discussed during the initial consultation and will be re-assessed regularly. As a general guideline, women’s reproductive health, hormonal balance, skin health and weight loss will have a time frame of 3-6 months. Consultations will be more frequent at the beginning of treatment (every coupe of weeks), and will then extend out to monthly visits. While clients will notice quick progress and improvement in symptoms, the focus is on embedding long-term, healthy and happy solutions.


What should I expect from my first session?


During the first session, Emily will take a thorough case history. You will have the opportunity to share the details of your health concerns, and to discuss what your priorities are for treatment. Emily will work with you develop a plan that suits your lifestyle, and one that is practical and easy to implement so you can reach your health goals. The first session is mostly a fact-finding session with some initial treatment which will develop further in future sessions. Often, Emily will suggest pathology testing to support treatment.


What should I expect from my treatment?


Treatment will be different for every client, as the causes and contributing factors for ill-health are specific to each person. Emily uses ‘food as medicine’ as a core part of treatment, so often dietary changes will be implemented. Lifestyle modifications will also be discussed and promoted. Nutritional and/or herbal supplements will often be prescribed during the initial phase of treatment to support and enhance healing and resolution of symptoms.


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