Naturopathy - Children's Health


Children’s Health


From infancy to adulthood we are in a constant state of growth, development and change. As children are constantly growing they have high nutritional needs that must be met in order to develop both physically and mentally.

From conception (and even beforehand) it is important to provide a child with all of their nutritional requirements. Of course, these will constantly change and as a qualified nutritionist and naturopath I can assess your child’s diet and lifestyle and work with you to create a plan that meets your child’s needs. As a result, this may include nutritional and herbal supplementation, along with functional medicine and pathology testing to determine the cause of your child’s health issues.

Common childhood issues treated:

• Behavioural problems (ADHD) and anxiety
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Food allergies and intolerances
• Constipation and digestive issues
• Eczema and Asthma
• Failure to thrive
• Recurrent infections
• Picky eaters and reduced appetite
• Sports nutrition and recovery


Since children can be very particular and selective with their diet (as many parents would know!), I will work with you to formulate appetising recipes and dietary ideas to encourage them to eat nourishing food. In addition, my blog is constantly updated with new recipes and cooking ideas that you can find here.