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Naturopathy and nutrition at Balanced Life health Care

Our Naturopath

Emily Young is a naturopath located in Ferntree Gully – she practices at Balanced Life Health Care and has a passion for helping people improve their health naturally. Click here to learn more about Emily.



Naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system that supports the natural healing ability of the body in order to improve all aspects of health. Treatment at BLHC is supported by scientific research and implements the latest evidence-based practises, as well as drawing upon the wisdom and knowledge of traditional medicine.

People are often unsure about what Naturopathy entails as it is such a broad term. As such, we have provided an outline of Naturopathy below.


The practice of naturopathy includes:



Naturopaths are qualified nutritionists. We have an extensive knowledge of nutritional chemistry and how nutrients affect the physiological function of the body. Therefore, we place emphasis on diet to support health. At Balanced Life Health Care, Emily conducts thorough dietary analysis during treatment and recommends diets that are individually tailored to meet the needs of the client. Also, Emily often prescribes nutritional supplementation to support healing. Luckily, being in Ferntree Gully offers Emily wonderful access to fresh foods to recommend to her clients


Herbal Medicine

Plants contain medicinal compounds, and many pharmaceutical drugs originated from plant constituents. Consequently, people have used plants for centuries for medicinal purposes and act by supporting and balancing bodily functions. Herbal medicines are extremely complex as they contain thousands of active phytochemicals that exert physiological effects on the body to support healing. Herbal medicine is generally safe. However, like any medicine, it needs to be correctly prescribed to promote health and ensure beneficial effects. If used incorrectly, some herbal medicines can cause side-effects. So it is important to only ever take it under the care of a qualified herbalist, such as a naturopath. Balanced Life Health Care’s Naturopath, Emily, is very knowledgeable about herbal medicine and would be happy to discuss this option with you if desired or deemed necessary.

Herbal medicine is fantastic for treating the underlying cause of diseases as they work to correct imbalances in the body.


Lifestyle coaching

Naturopathy is a holistic practice, meaning that it addresses all areas of life that affect a person’s health and wellbeing. Lifestyle stressors are major contributors to disease. Therefore, naturopathic treatment includes support and education around positive lifestyle practices and Emily targets stress management, proper sleep hygiene and promoting mental wellbeing as key planks of her naturopathic plan.


Functional pathology testing

Naturopathy at Balanced Life Health Care utilises pathology testing to support and inform treatment for the client to achieve the best outcomes. Because of this, Emily commonly uses blood testing, stool testing and genetic testing to investigate. Emily uses the services of doctors and pathology collectors in the Ferntree Gully area to ensure speedy service.

Listen to Emily talk about her passion for food and natural living.

Our Balanced Life Naturopath, Emily Robertson, specialises in:


Gut Health

Skin Health

Mental Health

Weight Loss

Women’s Health

Children’s Health