FAQ's about Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Chinese Herbal medicine

How does Chinese Herbal medicine work?

Chinese Herbal Medicine uses herbs in combination, that is, one or a few main herb complemented by others in a planned structure. The combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine with Acupuncture that makes Chinese Medicine so effective for chronic internal conditions.


For instance, if you suffer from arthritis, you may be aware of the pain, the lack of mobility and maybe the deterioration of the digestive system. However, arthritis cannot be treated effectively by just prescribing pain analgesics. It is the sub-patterns that are responsible for the symptoms in the first place. Hence, it is by treating the surface symptoms and sub-surface patterns (underlying conditions) that many chronic diseases can be effectively treated with Chinese herbs.

What are the forms of Chinese Herbal Medicine prescribed at Balanced Life Health Care?

At Balanced Life Health Care we use three different forms of herbal medicine:


  • Powdered
  • Pills
  • Raw herbs
Can I take Chinese Herbs while on other medications?

In most cases it is safe to take herbs while on medications. However you should always inform both your Chinese Medicine doctor and your GP of any medication/herbs you are taking so that they can avoid certain known clashes between the two treatments. Another reason to inform both of medication you are taking is to encourage effective, efficient care. Some herbal medicines act very similarly to biochemical medicines and so to be taking both would be unnecessary. For safest administration of herbal medicine we encourage patients to wait 1-2 hours between taking herbal medicine and your medication.

Are Chinese herbs safe?

Manufactured Chinese Herbal Medicine products imported into or sold in Australia are regulated by the Australian Therapeutic goods Administration (TGA). This regulation requires evidence of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as well as other safety standards that must be met before these products can be made available. All of our patent pills used in Balanced Life Health Care are labeled AUSTL.

What is the difference between Chinese herbal medicine and Western Herbal medicine?

Firstly, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine are prescribed based on a different set of diagnostic tools; Western Herbal Medicine uses similar diagnostic tools and understanding of the body as your doctor but prescribes Western herbs for treatment. Often Western herbs are prescribed as single herbs.

However, Chinese Herbal Medicine is based around a completely different set of diagnostic skills using pulse and tongue diagnosis as well as questioning. Chinese herbs are mostly prescribed in formulas of 5-15 herbs or groups of formulas.

Can I take Chinese Herbal Medicine while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Chinese herbal medicine can be safely taken while pregnant or breastfeeding however it is important that you inform you practitioner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive as they will take this into account when prescribing particular substances.

Is Chinese Herbal medicine vegetarian or vegan friendly?

More information coming soon

Does Chinese herbal contain endangered species?

More information coming soon

How do I take my Chinese herbs?

Please see our Taking your Chinese Herbal medicine page for more details and cooking instructions

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