Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine | IVF support

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is highly effective in supporting Western fertility treatments such as IVF and IUI.  At Balanced Life Health Care in Ferntree Gully, we will work together to prepare for, during and after your assisted fertility treatments. We are experienced practitioners in the area of fertility and IVF support and our sessions are timed to specifically benefit your wellbeing, and your cycle. During IVF or IUI procedures we are aiming to achieve the following:


  • Reduce stress associated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF and IUI treatments, and therefore reduces the negative effects that stress an have on the hormones related to reproduction.
  • Strengthen and support your body so that your western fertility treatments are more effective.
  • Positively affect your hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, which plays a major role in fertility, especially with regard to enhancing the development and release of mature and healthy eggs.
  • Increase blood flow to your uterus, thus thickening the uterine lining, which improves the chances of an ovum implanting.
  • Normalise the systems that regulate your ovulation, [including, in women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)].
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • Support luteal phase by helping your body produce more natural progesterone.


Some reading this may be aware that assisted fertility procedures can be disheartening at times, but also give hope to couples who otherwise might not be able to bear children. With the help of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine we aim to unlock your fertility and increase your chances of taking home a baby. Studies suggest that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have a positive effect on women undergoing IVF (2).


IVF Acupuncture protocols


Although IVF protocols will differ from client to client and are aimed at specifically benefit your wellbeing, and each of your IVF cycles this is an example of the expected care at Balanced Life Health Care you will receive.


Schedule: 1 – 2 treatments weekly


Before you get started or resume on your assisted fertility journey you may benefit from Acupuncture as it can regulate your hormones, may contribute to follicle development and increase implantation. Studies have suggested that after 8 Acupuncture sessions a marked improvement in blood flow to the uterus, and improved endometrial lining thickness (3).



Schedule: 2 treatments for 4 weeks (optimal) plus treatment on day of transfer


Acupuncture treatments during this stage are to increase arterial blood flow to the uterus, nourish and support the endometrium and ovarian cell growth. Acupuncture can also be used to manage any side effects you might experience and reduce anxiety. The treatment protocols used are based on clinical experience. You may see reduced fatigue, moodiness, abdominal swelling and discomfort. Acupuncture during this stage when combined with Acupuncture on the day of transfer has resulted in significant improved pregnancy rates in IVF (4).


Chinese Herbal Medicine Protocols

More information coming soon


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